Hier, j'ai reçu le rapport d'observation du sanglier, me demandant de le vérifier avant de le passer à la hierachie... je vous le copie en bref..

Points positifs, points positifs, blabla, en résumé: 

Learners in this session were engaged and active throughout.  They used a lot of French and were confident enough to question and answer in French and to use sentences.  The level of oral skills was high for a first term AS group. The teacher generated a supportive and productive learning environment and the learners set about their tasks with enthusiasm.  The activities were well-matched to the learners needs.  Learning was good

Targets / Guidance - les fameuses targets!! 

 ·     S-O-W assessments could be made explicit.  The S-O-W needs more detail make it a more useful teacher/ learner document. Ha le retour du SOW!!!

 ·     Praise could be better used to bolster learner confidence - bolster.. ouais je vais bolsterise tout ça.. ouais. . . 

·     The tempo and pitch of the presentational aspects of the lesson could be altered to general a little more enthusiasm.  A little more ‘up and down’ (Crescendo, etc.,) in the voice (and played out in the body language) when setting tasks might generate more of a ‘buzz’ and an element of competitive learning. - ouais, je vais buzzer, buzz buzz.. ça marche? Non, toujours pas? Tant pis!